Hospitals, Medical Facilities, and Health Systems

The member companies of TDC Group offer specialized insurance and risk management services for a broad range of complex risks—including hospitals, medical facilities, health systems, reinsurance of captives, and other segments that may require nontraditional structures. Our expert consulting focuses on self-insurance, risk transfer methods, and the reduction of liability and improvement of patient outcomes.

Our teams of actuaries and healthcare analytics experts scrutinize a wealth of procedural and claims data to identify liability trends, losses, and potential exposures. We also offer analytics and data services to New York hospitals. We work collaboratively with clients, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to improve patient safety and reduce medical malpractice exposures, leading to improved financial performance.

Contact Our Experts

Hospitals and Health Systems (Outside New York Domiciled)

Steve Lubinsky
Vice President, Underwriting
(860) 269-2820

Crystal Brown
Vice President, Underwriting
(860) 777-2744

New York Domiciled Hospitals and Health Systems

Brian Dalton
Vice President, New York Business Development
(631) 248-2701

Medical Facilities

Jeff McDonald
Senior Vice President, Medical Facilities and Complex Risk
(860) 269-2847