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Who We Serve

TDC Group is guided by our vision: To build the preeminent organization for service to healthcare. We serve the full continuum of care from individual physicians to academic medical systems with a unique synthesis of insurance solutions, claims and risk management experience, unparalleled data analytics, patient safety expertise, advocacy, and practice improvement capabilities.

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  • Hospitals, Medical Facilities, and Health Systems

    Standard and tailored coverage solutions for complex risks, including hospitals, medical facilities, health systems, reinsurance of captives, or other segments that require nontraditional structures.

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  • Physicians and Medical Practices

    Superior insurance solutions, risk management, and practice consulting for practices of all sizes, from solo practitioners to large multispecialty and multistate groups.

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  • Advanced Practice Clinicians​

    Malpractice coverage for NPs, CRNAs, CNMs, CMs, and PAs, tailored to meet their specific needs as independent contractors, self-employed practitioners, practice owners, and those with employer-provided insurance seeking supplemental insurance.

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  • Life Sciences Organizations

    Insurance solutions including liability protection for products/completed operations, errors and omissions, and clinical trials.

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  • Managed Care Organizations

    Serving IPAs, regional health plans, national health plans, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield entities with both primary and excess solutions for managed care clients.

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  • Private Equity Groups

    From acquisition to exit strategy, superior management and technology expertise, tools, best practices, and proven methodologies to boost performance.