About TDC Group

TDC Group is guided by our vision: To build the preeminent organization for service to healthcare. As the nation’s most trusted provider of insurance and risk management solutions, we are powerful advocates for the medical profession.

TDC Group serves the full continuum of care, from individual physicians to academic medical systems, helping healthcare professionals overcome the complexities of today’s practice environment. If you’re looking to improve healthcare outcomes while reducing risk and controlling cost, there’s not a better, more experienced partner than TDC Group. We offer a unique synthesis of insurance solutions, claims and risk management experience, unparalleled data analytics, and patient safety experience to help you courageously embrace change and move forward with certainty.

Our Leadership Team

Richard E. Anderson, MD, FACP
Richard E. Anderson, MD, FACP
Chairman and CEO
The Doctors Company and TDC Group
Robert E. White Jr.​
Robert E. White Jr.​
The Doctors Company and TDC Group
Daniel Kent Cassavar, MD, MBA​
Daniel Kent Cassavar, MD, MBA
Medical Director
The Doctors Company and TDC Group
Marco Vanderlaan
​Marco Vanderlaan​
Chief Financial Officer
The Doctors Company and TDC Group​
David McHale
David McHale​​
Chief Legal and
Human Resources Officer
The Doctors Company and TDC Group
Laura Kline
Laura Kline
Senior Vice President
Business Development
The Doctors Company and TDC Group
Bryan Lawton, PhD
Bryan Lawton, PhD
Chief Governance Officer and Secretary;
Chief of Corporate Development
The Doctors Company and TDC Group

Our Companies

The Doctors Company

As the nation’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer, The Doctors Company’s coverage features industry-leading defense, cyber liability protection, regulatory risk coverage, and the industry’s richest loyalty program, the Tribute® Plan.

Richard E. Anderson​
Richard E. Anderson, MD, FACP​
Chairman and CEO
Deepik Srivastava
Deepika Srivastava
Chief Operating Officer

Healthcare Risk Advisors

Healthcare Risk Advisors (HRA) partners with large medical practices and healthcare organizations to identify and solve their unique self-insurance, risk transfer, and risk management needs through a platform of innovation, deep business intelligence, knowledge, and experience.

Robert Kauffman
Robert Kauffman​​

TDC Specialty Underwriters

TDC Specialty Underwriters has experienced, recognized experts who design E&S-driven liability solutions for a variety of healthcare organizations and professionals, including hospitals, medical and long term care facilities, managed care organizations, physicians and physician groups, and life sciences organizations.

Paul Romano
Paul Romano

The Financial Strength to Protect Your Practice Today and Tomorrow

With $7.3 billion in assets and $1 billion in annual revenue, we offer unrivaled strength and backing to protect our members.

Annual Report 2022 Front Cover

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Annual Report 2021 Front Cover

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2023 Community Investment Report

Giving back has long been an integral part of the TDC Group culture. Each year, our employees donate their valuable time and financial support to nonprofit programs at both national and local levels in order to meet the varied needs of their communities. 2023 was no exception. The company is proud to support those efforts and has matched their donations and volunteer hours through the Employee Gift Matching Program. For the second year running, our Corporate Charitable Giving Program saw contributions increase by 25 percent, and the Foundation's total grantmaking reached nearly $8 million as it continues to fund groundbreaking patient safety research towards our goal of advancing the practice of good medicine across the entire healthcare community. We are immensely proud of all these efforts and are honored to share with you our 2023 Community Investment Report.

2023 Community Investment Annual Report

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Environmental, Social, and Governance Sustainability Report

TDC Group is guided by our vision: To build the preeminent organization for service to healthcare. As the nation’s most trusted provider of insurance and risk management solutions, we are powerful advocates for the healthcare community—and the communities in which we live and work.

2022 ESG Report Cover

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Diversity and Inclusion

TDC Group prioritizes attracting and retaining talent to ensure we have a quality workforce now and in the future—one that mirrors the diversity of the healthcare profession we serve. Just as diversifying our financial portfolio makes us stronger, promoting a corporate culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion makes us an employer of choice and drives our exceptional service and innovative solutions to our members.

TDC Group focuses on:

  • Recruiting and maximizing our diversity outreach.
  • Offering consistent employee development and advancement opportunities.
  • People accountability with annual diversity and inclusion training.
  • Annual succession planning with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Employee retention by providing competitive pay and benefits and encouraging a healthy work-life balance.
  • Obtaining actionable insights to create an inclusive workplace through annual participation in the Great Place to Work Culture and Engagement Survey.
  • Partnering with women- and minority-led companies/vendors.
  • Gender equality and fair pay practices for all employees through annual compensation studies.

As of December 2023, 68 percent of TDC Group employees were women, and the majority of management roles are held by women.

TDCSU performs an annual cultural assessment and employee satisfaction survey, as well as utilizing a women-owned recruiting firm, risk management firm, and office furniture supplier.