TDC Group Leaders’ Predictions for the Healthcare Landscape in 2033: Challenges With AI, Consolidation, and Social Inflation

Napa, California—January 16, 2024—Experts and leaders at TDC Group, the nation’s most trusted provider of medical malpractice insurance, risk management, and healthcare practice improvement solutions, today revealed their forward-looking predictions for the U.S. healthcare system in “What U.S. Healthcare Will Look like in 2033.”

TDC Group’s 2023 predictions for how healthcare will change over the next 10 years are:

  1. The shadow of the pandemic will still fall over healthcare, as physicians face continuing pandemic-related lawsuits, unanswered questions around care for long COVID patients, and delayed diagnoses stemming from COVID-19 disruptions.
  2. Healthcare consolidation will continue unabated and continue to be a driver of increasing healthcare costs.
  3. Nuclear malpractice verdicts—driven by social inflation—will continue to push insurance rates and healthcare costs higher.
  4. Patient use of retail healthcare clinics like CVS will increase—forcing a serious re-examination of “patient-centered care.”
  5. APCs and alternative models of care will be two keys to alleviating the primary care and elder care crisis.
  6. AI-powered clinical decision support tools will help reduce administrative burdens to free up more time for patient care—but present new risks in the process.
  7. AI tools will “listen” to patient-clinician interactions to reduce the burden of documentation—a top driver of clinician burnout.
  8. AI tools will increase HIPAA and cybersecurity risks for healthcare.
  9. The flood of data from patient wearables will continue to overwhelm clinicians.
  10. Big data will pay off—but only for those organizations that successfully harness it.

"This examination, though certainly not exhaustive, lays out some of the most pressing issues medical professionals must address as we look ahead,” said Richard E. Anderson, MD, FACP, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Doctors Company and TDC Group. “We are committed to helping guide medical leaders through healthcare's evolution, assisting them in making critical decisions that shape the future of patient care."

To read the full white paper and learn more from TDC Group healthcare experts, visit “What U.S. Healthcare Will Look like in 2033.”

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