Managed Care Specialty Insurance and Consulting Solutions

Serving IPAs, ACOs, regional health plans, national health plans, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield entities, our experienced team provides primary and excess insurance solutions for a broad spectrum of risk, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of consulting services.

With $15 million limits available for both primary and excess, our insurance coverage includes the following features and options:

Coverage Features (E&O)

  • Broad definition of managed care professional services
  • Duty-to-defend policy
  • Privacy liability wrongful act as part of the insuring agreement
  • Care coordination included as part of managed care professional services
  • Antitrust coverage available
  • Good Samaritan coverage included
  • Continuity of coverage maintained

Coverage Options

  • Management Liability
  • HIPAA and Regulatory sub-limits available

Learn more about managed care E&O and D&O insurance coverage and risk services or contact our expert at TDC Specialty Underwriters, Susan Angelo, at (860) 269-2827 or

Practice Consulting and Growth Solutions

Dedicated to helping physicians, medical practices, and physician groups improve overall performance, Medical Advantage, part of TDC Group, offers a range of custom clinical and financial consulting services, tailored to the unique needs of each medical group. From payer contracting to physician group management and ACO advisory services, Medical Advantage helps improve cost and quality performance, while improving patient outcomes and increasing revenue.